Getting Married @ Calvary Chapel Cape Cod

Getting Married @ Calvary Chapel Cape Cod

We’re glad you asked! We would be honored and excited to have you celebrate your special day with us!

Note: We estimate that the premarital process is a 90-day process, from the beginning of the course.

The Process: Connect with and complete an 8-week course with one of our pastors or elders, covering topics such as: the marriage covenant, resolving conflict, finances, communication, and romance.

The premarital process primarily consists of the couple meeting with the pastor/elder and his wife.  If there should be any special gatherings or teachings during you engagement, it is expected that the two of you would attend. Successful completion of our eight – week course with a pastor/elder is a prerequisite for having a wedding at Calvary, or for booking one of our pastors/elders for your offsite wedding.

Upon completion and approval by the pastor/elder, you can begin coordinating the date, time, and location of the ceremony, as well as which pastor or elder you would like to officiate the wedding.

Does course completion guarantee that Calvary will officiate my ceremony?
Not necessarily. The majority of couples going through the premarital classes end up getting married by a Calvary pastor or elder. However, there are some relationships that have concerns that will lead Calvary to opt out of performing the ceremony. These concerns include, but are not limited to: great financial duress in the potential marriage, refusal to abstain from sexual relations/fornication prior to marriage, serious irreconcilable conflict prior to marriage, an unhealthy pattern of marriage and divorce in one’s life that has not been healed or dealt with.