Haiti Mission Trip with Calvary Chapel in the City
  • Puits Blain 12, Freres, Boisrond Canal, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • Calvary Chapel Port-Au-Prince

Haiti Mission Trip with Calvary Chapel in the City

From Calvary Chapel in the City:

Wanted to let you know we are taking a team to Haiti in April.  We will be spending the entire time in Port au Prince at the church, and three orphanages.  Cost: $1,000.  Please let me know if there is any interest. The church there now has three orphanages.  One is a traditional orphanage (Calvary Christian Family) where the kids have been from birth.  Then there are two orphanages of teenagers brought off the street, one for girls (House of Grace), one for boys (Calvary Boot Camp).   Our primary ministry is developing relationships with these kids.  We teach Bible Studies, do crafts, and play games, but we emphasize loving on them and getting to know them.     In addition, we help out at the church with English classes they provide.  If you guys have a well-qualified construction guy, we will put him to work.  But otherwise, there are no plans for construction.  If someone is interested they would need to come to Boston 2-3 times before the trip on Saturdays in order to prep.

Pastor Steve Cole

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